Make a Great First Impression

Make a Great First Impression

For many guests, the first impression of your ministry is at your event. Live Attendance provides you with a professional, mobile check-in process to greet guests as they arrive. This allows you to assist more people in less time and gets people into the event faster without the need for internet. Your organization also will have fast, accurate attendance information — a win-win!

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Live Attendance is an optional add-on that you can order within your AttendEasy event. (75¢ per registrant, $200 minimum)

Easiest Check-In Ever!

Real-Time Attendance Tracking

Say goodbye to check-in lines. Check-in guests and record last minute changes with the tap of a finger.

Use Your Own Devices

Works on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Additional devices can be rented if necessary.

No Internet Required

Your devices connect to an Offline Wireless Network, removing the need for internet at your venue.

See It In Action

Live Attendance allows you to be mobile and assist more people in less time. Your staff and volunteers will have fun marking attendance!

“The Live Attendance check-in was amazing! The lines moved quickly and no one had to wait a long time to check in.”

Michaela Matjeka – Pregnancy Resource Center

“So easy to use! I can’t say enough how much I love this software.”

Sue Allred – Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“Very smooth! Even with the changes and cancellations that happened at the last minute, we were able to adjust to the needs of our event.”

Katherine Goodwin – Pregnancy Care Center of the North Coast

“Guests could be quickly greeted and seated, allowing for a more personal, friendly welcome to the dinner.”

Anne-Marie Von Kahle – Fairfax Young Life
Find out how Live Attendance can dramatically streamline your check-in process.

Blazing Fast Check-In

  • Check-in guests with a tap
  • Record last-minute cancellations
  • View table assignments for each guest
  • Monitor real-time attendance count
  • Search or scroll for quick look-up
  • Available for most iOS devices (iOS 11.1+)
  • No internet or cellular data necessary
Animated GIF showing how to manage table assignments on an iPad

Register Walk-Ins

When unexpected guests arrive, the Guest Manager mode has a fast and efficient way of letting you register and quickly find a seat for them. This ensures that you capture valuable information to stay connected with all attendees after the event.

Manage Table Assignments

Every event has situations where last-minute changes happen and guests need to change their seating assignment. Live Attendance highlights open seats in real-time so you can make these changes and assign seats during the check-in process.

Animated GIF showing how to manage table assignments on an iPad

Stay In Sync… Without The Internet!

Live Attendance is unique from other paperless attendance tracking solutions. Our technology allows you to use multiple iOS devices at once while keeping them in sync with each other, all without depending on a internet connection!

NO expensive hotel internet fees
NO slow, patchy WiFi hotspots
NO cellular data needed

Live Attendance Analytics

Post-Event Analytics

After your event is finished, you’ll have all the info you need to know such as who attended, who didn’t show, who walked-in unexpected, and more. You’ll have the ability to stay connected with all registrants and export key information to an Excel document for future use.

Say Goodbye To

Long Check-In Lines

Get your event started on the right foot by giving your guests a fast check-in with Live Attendance!

Say Goodbye To

Stressful Event Nights

Keep your cool and manage unexpected changes at your event in real-time with Live Attendance.

Say Goodbye To

Printed Guest Lists

Keep your whole team on the same “page” with synchronized data on mobile devices using Live Attendance.